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Optimal Hotels & Residences is a hotel industry company with headquarter in Majorca (Spain) which, from the very beginning, has committed itself to extraordinarily charming hotels, rural, beach and city hotels which are characterized by being unique and exclusive. Born in 2009 our company - within Spain with representations in Alicante, Huesca, Majorca, Navarre, Catalonia and Galicia, and internationally in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia and Tetuan in Morocco has always been grouping hotels possessing individual personality, hotels which are capable of offering their clients an unforgettable experience.

In our eagerness to improve constantly and to surpass ourselves we concentrate on a continuous growth within Spain. We believe that there is nothing like Spain: Its people, monuments and gastronomy make it a unique destination. Seville, Córdoba, Cádiz, Huelva and Granada in its south are sprinkled with small farmhouses which has been transformed into rural hotels, on its eastern coast we find Alicante and Valencia with its farms converted into charming hotels and – hardly forgettable – the neighbouring beaches of fine, golden sand. Passing the most traditional region of Spain around Toledo, Burgos or Salamanca with its charming hotels which will leave you speechless, in Optimal Hotels & Residences we do not want to forget the northern part of Spain. From the coast of Galicia until Gerona, passing by Gijon, Santander o Bilbao, you will be spoilt by a gastronomy in some rural hotels which is going to take your breath away.

We shouldn't forget our international destinations, chosen for their exquisite and unique, these destinies are able to offer unforgettable experiences such as Colombia and Morocco.

Optimal Hotels & Residences has been created with a clear idea: To share knowledge and to offer essential services at favourable prices, directed to the charming hotel, rural hotel, city and beach hotel, which is located in an overwhelming surrounding. This includes beaches like Canyamel (Majorca), where you breathe peace and tranquility, or natural parks like Las Bardenas Reales (Navarre) or Ordesa National Park (Huesca), where you become one with nature.

The idea of Optimal Hotels & Residences is to continue to commit itself to those hotels which are capable of creating experiences and make it possible to learn more about our national and international destinies, its monuments, traditions, gastronomy…


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